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You can rely on our unique bundle of services to build visitor trust and provide a secure PCI Compliant web store. Trust marks, clear privacy statements and malware prevention are each a very important part in promoting visitor trust. Read the data, trustworthy online stores have fewer abandoned carts and higher conversion rates. You will make more sales when you use our products - we guarantee it!

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Our membership levels are loaded with products and services to assist website owners. We have carefully designed each membership level to offer you the services you need to assure a safe visitor experience.

We Build Visitor Trust
Build Your Visitor's Trust
Our trust marks will visually communicate that your website is safe, secure and trusted. Impress your site visitors with our products. Display our trust marks and your professionally designed Privacy Policy.
Malware Scan
Daily Malware Scan
Our daily scans check for known viruses and malware injection. This protects your customers and your business by preventing hackers from using your site to infect visitors and steal data.
PCI Scan
PCI Compliance
Our PCI scans assure you are compliant and gives you the flexibility to schedule compliance scans based on your preferences. We work to make the task of compliance as easy as possible.
Nothing to Download or Install
No Downloads or Set Up
Our software runs as an internet "Cloud Service." There is nothing for you to install on your server or your desktop. That means no maintenance or learning curve!
Blacklist Monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring
Online trust and reputation are critical to the success of your business. This feature does exhaustive real time checks every day, to assure your website is not blacklisted by search engines or at over 90 additional reputation databases.
Immediate Notifications
Immediate Notifications
Time is money and we want you to have the opportunity to take prompt action. When any of our scanners detects an issue, we send an immediate notification to you via email so you can take steps to keep your site safe.
Database Security
Database Security
Hackers attempt to use database injection and other techniques to access sensitive customer information such as username and passwords or company data like credit card transaction details. We scan for possible open entry points that could be exploited.
Uptime Monitoring
Website Monitoring
Avoid costly downtime. Website monitoring is a vital aspect in today's competitive marketplace. With our uptime server monitoring, you will know your protected site is functioning as it should be.
Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution
We offer non binding dispute resolution in situations where customers have become difficult and inflexible. Our help in reaching a solution acceptable to both sides may prevent posts on "reputation busting" sites.

Do you sell anything with your website?
You Will Make More Money if You Use Trust Marks!

In an April 30, 2014 blog post, Comodo points to a study made by an independent research firm proving Trust Marks Work!
The post provides data showing:

of online shoppers say that a seal indicates that their information is secure.
of US shoppers say it is important for an e-commerce site to include a trust mark
of online shoppers will only make purchases through sites that include a trust mark
of online shoppers have terminated an online order because they did not “trust” the transaction

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