Privacy Protection

What Makes a Great Privacy Policy?

  • Prominently Displayed
  • Proves You are Trustworthy
  • Brief and Easy to Read
  • List Information Collected
  • Tell How Information is Protected
  • Tell How Information is Used
  • Trust Seal Provided
Are online privacy policies required by law? Maybe a better question is - how important is privacy protection to your average visitor? The answer to the first question is - it depends on the age of your site visitor and the state where they reside. The answer to the better question is probably "very important!"

At the time this is being written, there are no Federal (US) online privacy requirements except for protection of children. If your site collects personal information from children under 13 years old, you will fall under Federal guidelines. And a growing number of US States are taking steps to protect the citizens of their respective states.

There seems to be little support for a centralized privacy protection organization. To help meet the need for transparent privacy guidelines, various trust organizations such as AssuredSAFE have stepped up to provide much needed privacy information and services.

Some have criticized existing privacy protection policies as difficult to understand and largely unenforceable. It's exactly because of these and other criticisms that we have designed an easy to read protection policy. Our policy focuses on important requirements from various US States and the collection and use of personally identifiable information.

We note State issues because they represent current and up to date regulations. And we feel that online consumers in general are concerned about tracking at the user level and how this personally identifiable information is used - or possibly misused.

Our members who have chosen to purchase this membership benefit can download information to use in implementing their own effective privacy protection program.

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