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Membership Changes and Questions
How do I downgrade from a paid to a free membership?
How do I make changes to my membership?
How do I stop the subscription fee from being charged to my credit card?
How do I make changes in the information you have about my company?
How do I change my password?
How do I delete my account and all the information you have about my company?
Payment Related Questions
I would like to pay for my membership using PayPal. Can I do that?
Which credit cards do you accept?
How do I make changes (update the expiration date or use a different card) to the credit card used to pay my membership.?
Site Related Questions
How do I log in?
Members Only Megamenu
Can I pick and choose from all of your services and buy only those products I want?
I have more than one website. Can I use one membership for all my sites?
I don’t want certain information displayed. How can I prevent this information from being seen?
Can I make changes in the information I give you.
In what countries do you offer your services?
How do I install your trust marks on my server?
What are your requirements for membership?
How do I know if you will approve my site's content?
Do you offer discounts for multiple websites from the same organization?
How long does it take for my membership to be approved?
Miscellaneous Questions
How do I Verify My Site and Why do I Need To?
AssuredSAFE Products and Services
Server Uptime Monitoring
Could you explain your arbitration requirement process?
Is it OK for me to change the size of the trust mark?
What happens if one of my customers files a complaint against me?

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