Email Reputation

What Makes Email Scans Important?

  • You Need to be the First to Know
  • Email delivery is Vital to Success
  • We Scan for Your IP
  • We Scan for Your URL
  • No Software to Add or Maintain.
  • You Know When We Know
  • Safe Browsing Checks
  • We Notify you on Listing and Unlisting
Getting your email delivered and hopefully read is the very life blood of most businesses. If you get blacklisted, your business can change overnight. We check your email reputation so you won’t be the last to know when there is a problem.

Real-Time Black Lists (RBL), are IP addresses of networks linked (rightly or wrongly) to spamming or malware. Many corporate mail servers and all large-scale free systems, like Gmail and Hotmail are configured to reject or at least flag messages which have been sent from IP addresses listed on one of these RBLs. URIBLs (URI Black Lists) are similar to RBLs, but instead of using IP addresses, they list domain names, that have been accused of spamming, phishing, or malware.

Should an IP or domain addresses from your network end up on an RBL or URIBL, you and your customers will likely experience problems sending as well as receiving email.

The AssuredSAFE Email Reputation System automatically makes exhaustive real time checks every day at over 90 reputation databases checking lists of RBLs and URIBLs to determine if your IP or domain addresses are listed. We email you if we find your IP or URI shown and we include suggestions about how to remove your site from these do not deliver lists. We also notify you when your efforts are successful in getting you off a blacklist.

We also search unsafe browsing databases for your URL. These database sites show domains that may be dangerous to visitors because they are suspected of phishing or malware. The very last thing you want a visitor seeing is a Red Malware Screen.

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