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Why Dispute Resolution is Important?

  • May Prevent Reputation Issues
  • Shows You Care about Customers
  • Re-opens Communication
  • A Second Chance for a Happy Customer
Sometimes when people have disputes, they find a neutral (meaning fair) third party can help the parties to reach a compromise everyone finds acceptable. Our membership rules require transparent access to customer service, honesty and fair dealing in member's business practices and the members agree to accept our assistance in dispute resolutions.

Even the best companies can face a situation where their products and services are called into question by an equally honest customer. Situations can become emotionally charged and difficult for both parties to find a satisfactory outcome.

Our help in reaching a solution acceptable to both sides might prevent posts on "reputation busting" sites. If we help you to make a customer happy, we might prevent your company from showing up as a negative in a Google search.

We offer non-binding arbitration to assist both parties to reach a fair compromise. Neither party is legally required to follow out determination. However, we find that the parties often reach an agreement and follow our suggestions.

We assure both the customer and the business representative the opportunity to tell their story. With us in the middle, we can sometimes calm the situation and reopen lines of communications. If either (or both) parties are not satisfied at the end of the arbitration, the matter can still be taken to a court of law.

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