Website Uptime

Why is Uptime Important to You?

  • Find and Fix Issues Fast
  • No Software to Install
  • More than Just a Server Check
  • Checks: Database and Email
  • Can Check Many Other Ports
  • Measures Site Performance
  • Checks Every 15 minutes
  • Monitor Server and 3 Services
  • Two Alert Emails
  • Send Notices to Pushover
How much does it cost you when your site is down? Website monitoring is a vital aspect in today's competitive marketplace. Obviously, you cannot make money if your visitors can't see your site. Your host is supposed to be watching your back - but is he? With today's 100% uptime guarantee, your host may not want to notify you every time your server isn't available.

When we check your server, we look for a lot more than your typical "hello! is my server turned on". And we don't just look for an all's OK reply from your home page, either. We look into an interior page to determine everything is OK with your site. Every fifteen minutes, we search for a specific string of words on a page deep in your site.

These additional steps can find sites with php or database errors that respond correctly but can't be seen by your visitors. We have even found hacked websites because the string we look for was no longer there!

We can also check to determine if important services are running on your server. Tell us the port number for the service you want to check and we will attempt a connection on that port each time we scan your server. You not only know that your site is displaying correctly but that important services like databases, email, FTP, SSL and others are responding too. We monitor your webpage and up to 3 additional services.

You are only notified when a site failure has been determined by two different monitoring sessions. When we double determine that your site is unavailable, we email you the bad news. And we continue to email, every 15 minutes until your site is back on line. We can notify two different email addresses and send notices to Pushover.

There is nothing for you to install and a lot of piece of mind comes with this service. With AssuredSAFE Uptime Monitoring, You will know your protected site is functioning as it should.

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