Membership Agreement and
Code of Member Ethics

Membership Agreement

  1. Members agree to act in accordance with the AssuredSAFE Code of Member Ethics. We only accept family friendly websites.
  2. A verifiable company mailing address, phone number and email address is a requirement for membership. This information will be used for our verification and kept private if desired. The email should be from the same domain as that used for membership. If your organization uses an email domain that is different from the URL you are registering, please explain the relationship between the two domains. Members agree to update the email address should any changes occur.
  3. Members will provide satisfactory proof of site ownership. Because your privacy is important to us, we must ask for proof of your site ownership before we can publish information about the site. We will provide you with a number of ways to prove your ownership and assist you with providing proof of ownership.
  4. Should a member receive a consumer complaint, the member agrees to cooperate with AssuredSAFE by providing information about the purchase in question. The member also agrees to accept AssuredSAFE in a liaison or arbitrational capacity. AssuredSAFE may offer suggestions about possible solutions. However, the Member will make any decisions related to making refunds or the replacement of goods or services.
  5. If the Member is at a level requiring it, an approved Privacy Policy is required. The member agrees to adopt and prominently display the AssuredSAFE Privacy Policy or provide an equal or better program for review. AssuredSAFE will decide the acceptability of a members privacy program.
  6. You agree AssuredSafe is not responsible for and shall be held harmless against any claims for the security or inappropriate use of information stored on your site. AssuredSAFE does not guarantee that the your site is immune to hackers or that any data stored on the site is safe.
  7. If you subscribe to any of our scanning services, the scans serve only to search for known malware and other security risks. The scans do not guarantee or ensure that the scanned website is free of all security risks. You agree you are solely responsible for securing and protecting your system.
  8. The member agrees to refrain from any extreme usage of AssuredSAFE's web based Seal and Certificate system. The member agrees to make no modifications in the code used to display the AssuredSAFE seal. Making reasonable changes in the size of the image is an exception to this rule and is acceptable for as long as the member maintains a membership.
  9. The member agrees the ownership of the AssuredSAFE Seal will always remain with AssuredSAFE. Should the membership terminate for any reason, the member agrees to immediately remove the AssuredSAFE Seal. If the member changes membership levels, member agrees to promptly upload the proper seal. The member also agrees to immediately remove the AssuredSAFE Seal if requested to do so by AssuredSAFE.
  10. The member agrees in the event of a cancellation, there are no refunds for any remaining days in the current monthly billing period. However, all the usual membership services will be provided through the end of the monthly billing period as if there was no cancellation requested. This is necessary due to the nature of the services we provide. For more information see our Cancellation and Refunds page.

AssuredSAFE Code of Member Ethics

  1. The Member should adopt generally accepted norms of good business practice and fair dealing, including (but not necessarily limited to):
  2.     a.  Offer prompt, efficient and professional customer service.
        b.  Refund policies should be prominently displayed to site visitors.
        c.  Have a clear and transparent system for customers to voice grievances and complaints.

  3. Thoroughly and impartially investigate customer complaints and if found to be justified, endeavor to satisfactorily resolve any complaints in a timely manner.
  4. Members should refrain from engaging in any business activity or conduct likely to damage or cause any loss of reputation to themselves or to the AssuredSAFE name and brand.
  5. AssuredSAFE will investigate consumer complaints made against members and, at the request of both parties, may act in a liaison or arbitrational capacity to assist in the resolution of disputes. This service is non-binding on the parties and is offered without prejudice to any rights of law.
  6. Any significant or persistent breach of this Code of Ethics may make the offending Member liable to any disciplinary measures, as determined by AssuredSAFE including probation, suspension, or cancellation of membership.