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Server Uptime Monitoring


Server Monitoring is provided for Secure and Worry Free Membership levels. This service can be purchased separately. Contact us if you are interested.

As with most of our services, the monitor requires no set up from you. We set up your account using the email address in your membership profile. If you would like for us to use a different email address, just let us know.

Each membership provides two different ways to monitor your server:

A connection will be made to an ip or domain, on a given port. This way you will know if certain services on your machine are still running. We can notify you about the status of services such as SMTP, MySQL, SSL or IMAP.

We check your server on port 80 for both a success message and for a regular expression matching certain content on a page. If the regular expression returns no matches, the website is considered down. In both cases the script will return a “status offline”, and will start sending out notifications.

You will receive an email anytime your monitored server has a status change. So from Online to Offline = email or Offline to Online = email.

No matter the length of an outage, you should receive two emails, one server DOWN and one server RUNNING message.

The monitor requires two failures in a row before it sends a DOWN report.

The monitor currently checks your server every two minutes.

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