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Why Wait for Free SSL?

As you read in my last post, a source of free HTTPS is scheduled for summer 2015. BUT, there is another free TLS option available to you right now. I first tried CloudFlare (CF) in 2011 but didn't find that it was a good match for the script I was using with it.

A lot has [...]

Coming Soon - SSL is Free!

Before I get to the free part, let's decide if SSL is really important or another of those "feel good" options. And speaking of options, depending on your banking arrangement – your merchant account may require that at least your shopping cart be SSL equipped. So you may not have a choice in the [...]

Google Supports USB Based Authentication

Multiple sites across the internet are reporting about Google's latest effort to increase log in security. Google has offered a two-step authentication method for several years. This older method involved sending a code to the users cellular or land-line phone allowing the user to complete the second part of the login process by entering this [...]

Next Up...The Home Depot? Data Breach

On 3, September, The Home Depot quietly posted a brief statement "about news reports of a possible payment data breach".​ It's sad but it is almost no longer news when another major retailer reports the loss of personal financial data. Maybe I should just start an ongoing post to list the latest retail data breach.

The [...]

US-Cert Warns of Point of Sale Malware

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-Cert), a division of Homeland security has issued an advisory regarding a Point-of-Sale malware called "Backoff." The malicious software has been discovered in electronic cash registers in a number of retail operations – especially in smaller to medium size businesses.

Hackers are making use of remote desktop [...]

Update on the Cost of Target's Data Loss

The costs for last year's data breach just won’t go away. Earlier this month, Target updated estimated losses due to the 2013 data breach for stockholders. The Company’s second quarter financial results are expected to include gross expenses of $148 million, with an offset of $38 million insurance receivable, related to last year's data breach. [...]